Lieutenant Maurice PERTSCHUK

(commissioned and served as Lieutenant Martin PERKINS)        

Maurice Pertschuk was born 31 July 1921, in Paris, the son of Russian Jewish parents – Joseph, who worked as a furrier in the French capital, and Ethel Muriel (née Sborowfsky). He had four older sisters and one younger brother and after the family moved to England in December 1933, his parents became naturalised British. Pertschuk nevertheless continued his education in French at the Lycée Français in Kensington, London until the family moved back to France in 1939.

Fleeing to the unoccupied zone of France from the German invasion, Pertschuk’s parents, as foreign nationals, were assigned to live in Montrejeu (31) where they stayed in several hotels. In the summer of 1940 Pertschuk and his younger brother, Peter, left France for England where the latter joined the Royal Air Force (and later also served with SOE) while Maurice volunteered for the British Army and worked for the family fur agency while he awaited his call up from the Royal Sussex Regiment...... Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].

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