Lieutenant Jack Andrew Eugène Marcel SINCLAIR

Jack Sinclair was born in Rouen on 17 September 1921 to a British father, Andrew Daniel Sinclair and a French mother Marie Louise Sinclair. His father was a manager for Standard Française des Petroles in the petro-chemical industry in France and the family moved frequently as a result of the work. Sinclair lived in Rouen until six years old, then in the Marseille/Etang de Berre area until 11 years old, in Dunkirk until the age of 15 and finally in Bordeaux until war broke out in 1939. Aged 18 and a student draughtsman, Sinclair deemed it safer, since he held British nationality, to relocate to England when France fell and he did so in June 1940 along with his family, to Grays in Essex where a brother was born and where his father worked with Esso at nearby Purfleet.  [Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details]

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