Lieutenant Eugène Francis LEVENE

(born Eugène Francis FELINQUE)

 Photos – Nigel Felangue.

Eugène Levene was born Eugène Francis Felinque, in Liège, Belgium on 14 June 1912, the only son of Belgian parents Eugène Felinque and Marie-Louise Felinque (née Marquet). His parents when he was six years old and his mother, Marie-Louise Felinque, later married an Englishman, David Levene and both she and her son then took his surname and British nationality. From the age of 7, Eugene attended the Collège Saint-Servais, a Jesuit school, in Liège, but he was unsettled in his teens and when still only 15  he ran away to sea.........[Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].