Lieutenant Eric Joseph Denis CAUCHI

Photo - TNA

Photo - Claude Janier Dubrys

Eric Cauchi was born 11 August 1917 on the Greek island of Syra (now Syros). He took the nationality of his parents who were both British, the name having Maltese origins. He was educated for eleven years at the Pensionnat Beau-Soleil in Switzerland, for one year at the Lycée Stanislas in Paris and then undertook two years of archaeological study in Athens. By the beginning of the war, Cauchi’s mother had died and the remainder of his immediate family was far-flung, his father Henry was in India (Rangoon and Bombay), his brother in Greece and his sister in Switzerland.  Prior to the war he had been a tobacco grower and an exporter, he spoke French, Italian and Greek fluently and had a fair command of Spanish.  Unmarried, his hobbies included ice skating, rowing and sailing.

Cauchi had served in the French Foreign Legion in north Africa from January 1940 to March 1942.  Rebelling against serving Vichy France.......... [Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].

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