Lieutenant Elisée ALLARD

(served as Lieutenant Charles MONTAIGNE

Photos - Isabelle Hureaux

Elisée Allard was born 14 July 1916 at Vieux Condé in the Nord (59) region of northern France, taking the French nationality of his birthplace and mother, Louise (née Huyghe) Allard, though his father, also Elisée Allard and a mechanic by trade, was Belgian. He had a brother and a sister, and from the age of five, Allard grew up in the small, coal-mining village of Mazingarbe (62), Pas de Calais, which had been on the front line in the First World War. He went to school at the Ecole Supérieure in Bully-les-Mines and he later qualified as an accountant, working as such and continuing to live in Mazingarbe until he joined the French Army........Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].


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