Lieutenant David Whytehead SIBREE

Despite its arguably-French appearance, Sibree is an old English name and David Sibree was born 28 June 1912 in Sculcoates, near Hull, Yorkshire, the son of James Leonard Payne Sibree and Alice Mary Sibree (née Whytehead). He had one sister, Kathleen Mary Sibree, five years his junior.

Sibree’s father, an officer in the Royal Navy during the First World War, was a ship’s captain on the cross-Atlantic routes to the United States. Largely sailing from Hull, his consequent frequent absences from home, coupled with his wartime service, led to his son being educated in boarding schools, including Deacon’s School, in Dogsthorpe, near Peterborough. Upon finishing his schooling at the age of 15, David Sibree returned to Hull and attended the Technical College there. After his training finished in 1928 he spent six months in the Drawing Office of Blackburn Aircraft Ltd at Brough aerodrome near Hull, but by November of that year he had taken a post with the Post Office and had successfully obtained a wireless operator’s certificate.......[Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].

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