By parachute

Left to right: Whitley, Halifax and Hudson of the RAF and a B-24 Liberator of the USAAF.

By landing at clandestine airstrips

The Lysander (left) and  Hudson were both used for landings in occupied France.

By sea

Above, left to right: a sketch of the Seawolf, the felucca used to land agents in southern France; HM Submarine Unbroken - Lieutenant Marcel Clech was among the agents taken to the southern coast of France from Gibraltar by this vessel on 20/21 April 1942; Motor Gun Boat MGB 502 undertook many runs to the Brittany coast including the one on 29 February 1944 that delivered Major Frager, Lieutenants Schwatschko and Defendini and François Mitterand (future President of France) of the BCRA.