Ensign Yvonne Claire RUDELLAT


Yvonne Rudellat was born Yvonne Cerneau on 11 January 1897 at Maisons-Laffitte, some 20 kilometres north-west of Paris.  Her parents were Henri Firmin Cerneau and Mathilde Alphonsine Cerneau (née Cogneau) and Yvonne was the next but youngest of their children, albeit no fewer than eight died at birth or soon after, leaving only Yvonne and her younger brother Jean.


Yvonne’s father was a horse trader for the French Army and whenever Yvonne’s convent education allowed, he took his young daughter with him, including to army units in French North Africa.  When he died of pneumonia Yvonne, still in her teens, left for England and obtained a job as a saleswoman in the Galeries Lafayette, the French-owned department store then in Regent Street, London.  Her mother and brother followed, Jean attending a boarding school while Yvonne and her mother lived together in rented rooms in Pimlico, London SW1. Their new life in England was overshadowed by Jean’s death while still at school, aged only 17...........[Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].

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