Captain Robert Marcel Charles BENOIST

Photos - Joe Saward

Robert Benoist was born 20 March 1895 at St. Benoist, Seine et Oise (78), the son of French parents Gaston ‘Georges’ Benoist and Jeanne Benoist (née Ajustron).  The family included an older brother, Maurice, and a sister, Madeleine, and lived in one of the hunting lodges of the de Rothschild estate of Abbaye des Vaux, where Georges Benoist worked as gamekeeper.  Robert first went to school in Rambouillet and later attended lycée in Versailles. When he was still in his teens, his father left his work with the Rothschilds and established a business of his own, near Auffargis (78), for hunting dogs, Robert already being a proficient hunter and marksman......[Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].

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