Captain Paul SARRETTE

(served as Captain Paul SAWYER)

Paul Sarrette was born in Nice on 14 November 1920, the son of Grégoire Louis Sarrette and Caroline Sarrette, née du Tremblay. His mother was descended from the Michaud de Beauretour family which counted among its ranks Count Alexandre Michaud de Beauretour,  a general in the Imperial Russian Army and Aide de Camp to Tsar Alexandre I and Tsar Nicolas I. Another ancestor was Charles-André Pozzo di Borgo of the Corsican nobility, likewise an officer in the Russian Arny and private counsellor to Tsar Alexandre I.

The Sarrette family home was at 40 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Nice where Paul was raised, together with his two sisters, Marie Alexandre and Marie Louise, and attended the Lycée Masséna. His father was an architect by profession and had served as an officer in the French Army in the First World War, consequently being mobilised immediately upon the outbreak of the Second World War and serving in an anti-aircraft unit in the French Army with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Paul Sarrette volunteered for the French Army in late 1939 and was posted to his father’s unit. When France fell, they were demobilised in mid-1940 and returned to Nice where Paul completed his baccalauréat at college as a student of philosophy......[Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].

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