Captain Jacques Paul Henri LEDOUX

Jacques Ledoux was born in London on 27 June 1921, one of twin brothers to Léonce Ledoux and his wife Marie (née Capelle).  While the parents were French subjects from Caudéran (33), a western suburb of Bordeaux, they had moved to live in England and the boys, Jacques and Georges, took British nationality at birth.

The Ledoux family would seem to have relocated back and forth between England and France;  Jacques was educated in Marseilles and also at St. Pol, Angoulême and had lived in the Charente region.  At one point the Ledoux family had got to know the Rowden family in the south of France, Diana Rowden (q.v.) subsequently also joining F Section.  By the outbreak of war, however, Jacques had just completed his education at the City of London School, the independent boys’ day school on the Victoria Embankment in central London, and the family home was in Fitzjames Avenue, London W14.  Both Jacques and Georges immediately volunteered for the British Army and Jacques was posted to the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.....[Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].

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