Captain George Alfred WILKINSON

George Wilkinson was born on 31 August 1913 in Paris, the son of Gaston Edward Wilkinson (French born, but naturalized British) and his French wife.  He took with dual French/British nationality and had two brothers, Edward ‘Teddy’ Wilkinson (q.v.) and Herbert Wilkinson, both of whom were also to serve the Allied cause.  There is little background on Wilkinson’s SOE personal file concerning his early life, but his family had been peripatetic with sojourns in Britain, the USA and France. 

His age and his having lived in France with dual nationality would suggest that Wilkinson undertook his national service in the early 1930s and when war broke out he served in the 25e Régiment d’Infantérie Coloniale of the French Army........[Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].

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