Captain Marie Joseph Gonzague de SAINT-GENIES

Baron Gonzague de Saint-Geniès was born 11 February 1917 at Fondettes (37), Indre et Loire.  His father, Baron Henry de Saint-Geniès and his mother Margaret (née du Saussay) were both French, though his mother was half English, and their son took the same nationality as his parents.  He had one sister, Isobel.  His earliest education is not documented, but he attended the Jesuit institution, Saint-Grégoire in Tours from 1926 onwards and gained his Baccalaureat there in 1935.  He was fluent in both French and English.  The de Saint-Geniès family had a long tradition of military service including Général Jean Marie Noël de Falcon de Saint-Geniès, ennobled by Louis XVIII and whose name is inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe. [Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].

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