Section Officer Lilian Vera ROLFE

Lilian was one of twin daughters born on 26 April 1914 in Paris where her British father, George S. B. Rolfe, worked as an accountant and the family lived at 32 Avenue Duquesnes. From an earlier marriage George Rolfe had a son and a daughter, Alan and Violet, who were resident in Engand with their mother.  Lilian’s mother, Alexandra Stern, was originally from Russia, but Lilian and her sister, Helen, took British nationality. Educated in France to the age of sixteen, Lilian then finished her schooling in Brazil when her family moved to Rio de Janeiro.

By the time war broke out Lilian was working in the British Embassy in Rio de Janeiro (her sister, Helen Fedora Rolfe, worked in the British Embassy in Madrid) and she is reported to have helped observe German shipping movements in the harbour. But as public opinion in Brazil became increasingly pro-Allied (Brazil formally declared war on Germany in August 1942), Lilian determined to do more to support her mother country in its fight to free the country of her birth......[Remainder of case study is complete - contact author for further details].

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